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D&D Systems

Our Services

We maintain the following stock:

  • 1/2” to 48” Flange Protectors

  • 1/4” to 48” Pipe caps for plain end, beveled end or threaded ends of pipe

  • NPT Plugs for threaded fittings and socket weld plugs

Larger sizes above 48 are manufactured upon request

Custom Flange Protectors to fit any size from 1/2 inch to 200 inches with any bolt configuration. Custom protectors can be manufactured from plywood, plastic or metal.

  • Common metal protector thickness: 1/8”, 3/8”, 1/2′, 3/4”

  • Common plywood protector thickness: 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”

  • Common plastic protector thickness: 1/8”

Custom Pipe Caps for large diameter pipe. Custom sheet metal and structural steel products are available. We can provide engineering and design for any of the metal and wood products we provide.

Custom Skids and Crates are built for domestic and overseas shipments.

We provide shipping services at customers request.

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